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The ubiquitous coconut palm tree is the source of the material used in many handicraft creations and nothing from the tree is wasted.

Every island supports vegetation of some kind with coconuts somehow managing to thrive in a small, sparse land area.

From Male’, you can easily visit the residential islands of Hulhumale’ or Vilingili by inexpensive ferry running regularly from their Male’ terminals.

If you are in a group wanting to visit several islands, then chartering a Live Aboard safari vessel for a few days is the best way, as you can arrange with the boat’s skipper to visit islands off the tourist trail.

However, you would need to make room reservations in advance at the next resort to guarantee a boat will meet you.

The easiest way for guests to visit other islands while staying at a resort is to take one of the resort’s guided tours.

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Now that Maldivians no longer need these items because of the easy availability of imported substitutes, the making of handicrafts has become an arcane practice.

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