Lonely woman dating

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Lonely woman dating

Over the weekend, a guy asked if I felt pressure to seek out strange sex and dating experiences in order to make my stories more interesting.

(I don’t.) A friend of mine figured I’d start having a harder time finding men to go out with, since they’d be afraid of being turned into content.

I don’t obsess over the idea of finding love like I did in my early 20s, and I do consider myself to be in a much better mental space now than I was then.

But that isn’t to say that I don’t have bad days, or bad weeks, or bad months.

I finally turned to Anna and said "Your brother is making me crazy today! It drives everyone crazy."And then I started thinking.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten more comfortable with my current single status, and I’ve started to enjoy my life a lot more.So once things settled down, and I wasn’t living my own personal version of , my feelings all kind of hit me at once.Without even realizing it, I fell into a major funk.Yesterday, I was listening to David, who has been such a chatterbox lately - he's gotten maddening, honestly.Like any kid with autism, he's got a lot of repetitive behaviors, and one of his is something they call echolalia.

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Her ability to see my life from an outsider’s perspective made me realize what was actually bothering me — and that my coping mechanisms were all wrong.

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