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In some cases, the deferred tax liability related to undistributed earnings from an equity investment can grow quite large over time.Monetizing the investment after the DTL has grown large can trigger a large tax bill that (i) must be weighed against the benefits of monetization, and (ii) may limit the investor's strategic options with respect to the disposition of the stake.The concepts above are implemented in the following comprehensive example, where we assume a simplified P&L and balance sheet to focus on key takeaways, which are highlighted in yellow.The dividend discount model (DDM) is a procedure for valuing a stock's price by discounting predicted dividends to the present value.Use Market value if available Use Cost method if not The original investment is recorded at cost Dividends are recorded as dividend income Liquidating Dividend reduces investment No difference b/t BV and purchase price is recorded.If the life insurance on an officer builds up cash surrender value - the portion of the premium that increases the cash value is accumulated as an asset on the balance sheet, the rest is life insurance expense.The company does not actually record the subsidiary's assets and liabilities on its balance sheet.Rather, the Company A is entitled to a portion of Company B's earnings in proportion to Company A's economic ownership of Company B's stock.

The following quarter, Company B reports net income of 0 and announces a dividend.So, undistributed earnings rarely qualify for the DRD because their future distribution is not expected.If you do expect undistributed earnings to be paid out in the future, then you could make a case for applying the DRD to the undistributed earnings in the current period.While not accurate for most companies, the simplest iteration of the dividend discount model assumes zero growth in the dividend, in which case the value of the stock is the value of the dividend divided by the required rate of return.The required rate of return can vary due to investor discretion.

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Recall that taxes on dividend income may be offset by the Dividends Received Deduction ("DRD").