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It's also quite easy to add videos of yourself to this section, and with every digital camera out there having a simple video function, why the heck not?From "My Home", you can get to your various profiles, search in each category using 9 different methods including video and gallery, and also access two truly useful tools.There's Lavalife's "Click Magazine", chock full of articles on dating-related issues that are actually useful and frequently irreverently funny, Web horoscopes, member blogs, and urban city guides for daters.On top of all this, through your account you can sign up for weekly "Notes" that updates you with new articles (and also remind you to get your butt online and search) and the "gal alert" which sends you the profiles of nine new gals every Jason Tudor One of the top dogs of online dating, Lavalife is a dating service with personals that can be accessed on the Internet, as well as over the phone or mobile device.

The second is "Entertainment" where you'll find all manner of distractions.Cognitive Systems have the ability to understand, reason and learn.In Financial Services applying AI capabilities to real world issues like safer and faster payments is yielding significant results.Google’s Apigee team helps enterprises execute their digital and platform strategies.In this session we’ll share what we are seeing in the API economy, common success patterns and share mistakes we see many companies making.

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Breakout Room Payments Canada members will all be implementing ISO 20022 across their respective payment platforms very soon.

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