Know if your dating wrong guy online dating blind people

Posted by / 05-Oct-2020 18:53

Know if your dating wrong guy

The right guy will cater to your desires and will take pride in doing so.

Someone who is using you will only put himself first.

If your guy tries everything in his power to avoid talking about commitment at all costs, you should definitely take that as being a huge red flag.

Of course, it’s pretty standard for some guys to be afraid of commitment, but it’s never a good sign.

If a guy treats you this way it’s best to recognize the signs and remove yourself from the equation.You might be way too into him to pick up on any of his flaws, even if they’re super obvious to everyone else.Your squad definitely notices how he always makes you pick up his tab at the bar, how he only comes around for a late night hookup, and how poorly he treats you overall.If everyone around you is telling you that this guy is trouble, you know they can’t all be wrong.If you are getting down with a guy who is only self-serving in the bedroom, you should definitely think twice about what his intentions are.

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The best thing to do is be super aware of your dating life (and your partner), to make sure you don’t wind up in a one-sided faux relationship that meets all of his needs and none of yours.