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King self consolidating concrete

Divorce and polygamy were common, going back to the pre-Augustinian attitudes to marriage.

Some English lords expanded their territory by marrying Irish aristocrats. Architecture changed with churches built in Early English Gothic style, using English stone.The Treaty of Windsor was signed between Rory O’Connor and Henry II.Rory was recognised as high-king of was suspicious of men like De Lacy. These Anglo-Norman towns were laid out in a grid pattern.Some were free while others were owned by aristocrats or monasteries. The church supplied religious services while the people paid dues. Status was important in the legal system – rights and legal compensations depended on it.Three social classes existed during this age – kings, lords and commoners. Commoners were freemen with full legal rights and their own land. Under clientship, lords granted the client a fief (goods) and protection; the client made payments to the lord.

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New laws were influenced by the Biblical Old Testament.