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A little providing the population at the expense of public funds of consumption improved during the considered period.

Their considerable part went on payment of grants, pensions and grants, receiving free education, on development of health care, cultural and consumer services.

Submission of economy of the republic to the central departments, underestimation of problems of the welfare sphere, action of the residual principle of allocation of resources on its development conducted to that on many indicators defining a standard of living of the people, Kazakhstan lagged behind all-union indicators. Many regions of Kazakhstan first of all located in an area of coverage of the Semipalatinsk nuclear range, Priaralya, were in a distress.

Tens remote rural areas occupied by mainly indigenous people, weren't provided with normal medical care, drinking water, vegetables, fruit, in them there were no child care facilities, libraries and so forth.

Hours-long turns, indispensable attribute of the Soviet system became habitual.

In 70 — the 80th the majority of people perceived the Soviet society as the extremely unfair.

However in connection with population growth security with housing was incomplete.

Capital investments in construction of housing were reduced, the number of the constructed apartments was respectively reduced, housing projects weren't carried out.

Almost barracks — characteristic attribute of pre-war and post-war life disappeared, the number living in communal flats was reduced.

If in 1965 only 4% of the population had the income of 100 rub and having embroidered month on the family member, in 1977 of nearly 40%.

As a whole the size of an average monthly salary of workers and employees of the republic for 1971 — 1989 increased by 89% — with 123,7 to 233,7 rub, workers have industries — respectively for 93,6% with 133,9 to 259,3 rub.

Such factors as rise in prices by the state and the enterprises monopolists, decrease in quality of goods, the deficiency growth, artificially underestimated size of a salary, equalization in payment conducted to stagnation of a standard of living of the population.

The share of a salary in the made net production in the country industry constantly decreased, having made in 1985 36% against 58% in 1927.

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The average monthly pension on age rose to 93,2 rub a month instead of 51,1 rub.