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And yet he fesses up to a fondness for "cussing" in real life, including a propensity for using the "F-word way too much." At any rate, he's an interesting study… I mean, every time I spoke, it was a religious overtone. One funny one Garry made up is when I first meet Kate in the movie. But I saw it yesterday and somehow it worked, you know? The Catholic Church had all this pomp and circumstance that just sort of left me in a daze. I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about these satellite photos that they just got from Mt. Then I looked through the papers and watched the evening news, but I never saw anything else or heard anything else about it. But when I saw the movie yesterday, I thought, You don't see any sort of age difference.But when this movie came along, I was feeling that I'm not playing another nice guy right now. When I read this script I thought, I can do something with this, I can make this guy a little different than your typical priest.

Gomer wastes scenes on some sassy American types, when he should have focused on the character arcs of the Karen churchgoers, most of whom play themselves in the film.When I took that show, I took it based on two episodes.I had never seen the show, and it was dirtier than I thought.Others in the congregation initially mistrust him as well.The story livens up about a third of the way in when the Burmese refugees show up at “All Saints” for spiritual healing.

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