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James dean natalie wood dating

Kitt confessed: “Our love for each other just happened.

In the morning Dean slipped away taking Tracy’s wallet and cash.Dean was born in Marion, Indiana, and raised in a farmhouse by his aunt after his mother died and father abandoned him.He lost his two front teeth falling from a trapeze as a child and his dental technician father made him false teeth.“Dean liked to take them out at parties to shock,” says Porter.MONROE raged: “She’s got a voracious sexual appetite and the morals of a truck driver.I hear that unless she shaves constantly she is hairy.

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He was soon hailed as a “new Marlon Brando” provoking a lovehate rivalry with the original, though they too became lovers.“Brando was sadistically using Jimmy who followed him around like a love-sick puppy,” claimed friend Stanley Haggart.