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“Although James is no longer with the company, we appreciated his input.Nicola Ford, submitted a petition to Spotify on after being awkwardly caught out by swear words in songs played at work and in front of her family.A friend of the couple told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''Everyone is talking about it.We were sort of expecting it but it is still great news.''The couple are expected to wed at the duke's Hampshire estate, Stratfield Saye, southern England, with celebrity guests already rumoured to include singing legend Sir Elton John, who helped launch James' career by offering him the support act slot on his 2004 tour.

Well he seems to approve of the profile which uses Blunt’s very own lyrics to attract the attention of the opposite sex: “That’s beautiful Greg, really.No criticisms here.” The video also shows James exhibiting typical diva behaviour – refusing to learn his assistant’s name, demanding tea, and musing about the shape of clouds (though we admit, we've definitely done this while at work! Tinder no doubt chose Blunt for the job because of his Twitter antics which see him replying to all criticism with cutting remarks of his own (and probably the fact that his name poses a very handy pun).The video is captioned: “At Tinder, we’re always thinking of ways to help our community.The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker previously admitted he felt ''lucky'' to have found such an understanding girlfriend as Sofia.He said: ''I'm very happy at the moment with Sofia.

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We were sort of expecting it but it is still great news." Former military officer Blunt, 39, was apparently introduced to Sofia - the granddaughter of the Duke of Wellington - by his sister Daisy.