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Both were lawyers and loved to tango, downhill ski and play chess. "Sam was perfect except for one horrible flaw," says Anne.

Just ask Dorinne Badenstadt, a 34-year-old chef from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He accused his wife of disloyalty, precipitating the biggest fight the pair had ever had.

The couple patched things up, but Dorinne was reminded the hard way that her marriage needed to be the number one relationship in her life.5. When Anne Ryan, a 29-year-old from Chicago, met her boyfriend Sam, she was delighted that the two had so much in common.

"Seeing the sweet, loving light in his eyes, I vowed that one day I'd meet a man who would look at me like I was a treasure."Adelle took a dating hiatus and did some much-needed thinking about the root of her obsession with bad boys.

"My dad was a life-of-the-party type, but as a husband and father he was cold and uncaring," she admits. After that, the few times I'd see him I'd practically do cartwheels to win his attention.

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