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Things like dinner dates, movie dates—and dates in general—were a lot more relevant 20 or 30 years ago than they are today.Nowadays, if we’re interested in someone, we can just shoot them a text and take it from there.In today’s day and age, there an undeniable difference between calling someone and texting them.Although it seems trivial, calling someone shows them that you genuinely care to hear from them.Texting can become very misleading, when it comes to someone’s romantic intentions.For instance, in the past, I’ve texted certain women solely because I enjoy conversation with them—and have had them confuse that for romantic interest.

This is one of the more obvious hallmarks that separates a serious relationship from those more casual.As a rule of thumb, dating someone will usually imply exclusivity.If you’re going on dinner dates with someone and seeing them a few times a week, it would feel kind of awkward to be involved with other people.In most cases, texting will save you time in the long run.Instead of having to jump right into a dinner date with someone you barely know, texting allows you some time to get a feel for another person.

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However, when you’re in the budding stages of texting someone, this policy is a lot more ambiguous.

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