Is basshunter dating aylar lie

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She left her home country when she was three years old and moved to Norway and it is a good thing for her, because life began in here and she made her way.

So Basshunter girlfriend is happy to be with him and they both make their carrier as they participate in his videos together and gain plenty of success.3 years ago; Report Abuse Lie has been romantically linked to Jonas Altberg, who is more commonly known as Basshunter. Italian Crew *Ohio State Crew* Anything easy aint worth a damn.In every video he tells one part of a big love story and Aylar Lie is the leading actress.She is the type of girl most men instantly fall in love with.

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User: Sterling Helper One; Timestamp:20100525232759 Basshunter is not dating the girl from his videos because he says so in .

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