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Naming his band "Biersack", with a few of his friends participating in it.The mainly played the old cover songs of "Alkaline Trio" and "the Misfits".After the release of their album We Stitch These Wounds, Pan was kicked out of the band for differences and his personality.Andy was the target of rumors Pan decided to spread but was able to get rid of them and he continued in the band, and after his exit, Chris and David left and Andy, Ashley and Sandra got Jake Pitts on the lead guitar and his good friend Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson on rhythm guitar.However, one person might be able to relight his flame.Only if they can help before tour ends and Andy's flame completely burns out forever."Used to be, I had light, I had fire in my chest.

After a daring stunt that gets her band the chance they need, Godless Children skyrocket to fame, but that's only the beginning. But when their gig in San Francisco ends with Mike's death in a drunken brawl, Vic's world is completely torn apart.Evelyn and her two friends have just escaped from WICKED and ran head first into the unknown.During a chance encounter they meet someone who will save their lives and take them back to The Gladers, a group that looks out for each other.Or will these new stars in the sky burn out too fast? Why won't Kellin just let him run out into the sunlight? ""Fuck, that was a terrible idea, why did I say that?Basically this was influnced by a Pinterest RP board. "Alex Gaskarth, a painter with a fucked-up life, meets Jack Barakat, an actor also with a fucked-up life.

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Andy Biersack becomes a character in Season 10 when The Young and Reckless start to record their album with Lava Records.