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I would advise female travellers to wear long, flowing tops or tunics and cardigans that run below the waistline.

In adherence to If you are invited to an Iranian's house — and trust me, you likely will be — there are a few things you need to observe.

Even the slightest physical contact with non-family members of the opposite sex, except young children, is forbidden.

Iranians also have a special social system known as , which literally means, “meeting together.” It’s a system of politeness that’s expressed in both verbal and non-verbal communications.

As soon as you’re here, you’ll find that the reality is far removed from the stereotypes — it’s a country desperate to be seen for what it is, rather than what it is often depicted in the media.

Iranians are undoubtedly the friendliest people in the world; I lost count of the number of times I got invited to a stranger’s home or was treated to an endless flow of tea from a shop vendor.

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To say “hello,” you would use “,” which means, “may God protect you.” Physical greetings are generally restricted to members of the same gender — men only kiss other men and women kiss other women.

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