Iranian american women dating

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Iranian american women dating

Search for Sunni Muslim Boys and Girls grooms for marriage and matrimony Now! Anyone who can not afford to pay, can post the profile for free.We have lot of features like extensive search, anti spam, abuse report, Live Help, excellent customer support etc. This is one way we help the needy and give something back to the community.It is 'dedicated to Iranian women inside the country who want to share their “stealthily” taken photos without the veil', and aim to be a 'living archive' of their fight.It sees women post 'stealth' photos or videos of themselves where they have dared to take off their hijab, to spread the message and protest.Ms Movahed, who became known as The Girl In Enghelab Street, was released over the weekend, after spending a month in custody with her 20-month-daughter.Thousands of social media users shared messages of support after her disappearance, dubbing her the 'Girl of Enghelab Street' after the area in central Tehran where she staged the protest.One held a sign reading: 'I love my hijab but I'm against compulsory hijab.' On Monday, a woman named locally as Nargess Hosseini, was arrested after standing on an electricity box in central Tehran, waving her head scarf in front of her.

Those arrested were accused of public order offences and referred to the state prosecutor's office, Iranian news agencies reported without elaborating.Since her protest on December 27, she has become a symbol for Iranian women's fight against compulsory hijab, with many sharing the video of her protest on social media and illustrations of her brave stand.She has become the 'poster child' for the White Wednesdays movement, which encourages Iranian women and those who support their plight to take off their hijab, and was started by journalist and campaigner Masih Alinejad.Chief prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri had played down the escalating protests on Wednesday, saying they were 'trivial' and 'childish' moves possibly incited by foreigners.He had been asked about a woman detained earlier this week for standing on a pillar box in a busy street waving her headscarf on the end of a stick.

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