Intimidating and threatening boss

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Intimidating and threatening boss

Let's say, for instance, that your manager says you must call in by am if you’re going to be late for work.But the policy actually states that employees must call in 30 minutes before their shift starts.Also, employee manuals frequently promise more than what the law requires.As a result, you can hold your manager to the personnel policies your company has issued, even if your manager isn't aware of those polices.The manager might give a few 5's, and even a few 3's, but that is as critical as the manager will be.Now let's say your manager has given you some “3's”.If your personnel file is less than all “Excellent” status, don't worry.But do work hard to keep your overall review score at least at a level of “3” or Satisfactory or Average or whatever is the middle of the road score at your organization.

So, the attorney advised, “Always speak and write as if your comments will be held up to a jury some day.” This is something that I tell employers and managers all the time as part of my “day job” as employer-side attorney.Part II of the Hub contains mistakes 6-10 (which are some of the juiciest).So without further ado, here are “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Bully Bosses Make that Cause Companies to Get Sued”: Most discrimination cases really are not won with some kind of smoking gun evidence that proves the entire case.Courts expect managers to know what your organization’s policies and procedures are.If a manager tells you that the policy is “A” and it's actually “B”, then it will look like your manager is making up rules in order to get you in trouble.

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On a 1 to 5 scale, threes are “satisfactory.” When you’re in front of a jury, what does satisfactory mean? It means average or meets minimum acceptable levels.