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The shocking development revealed almost 500,000 items were potentially at risk of being activated without their owners' knowledge, with everything from baby monitors, DVRs, security cameras, and other gadgets turned into cyber weapons.

Hackers that wreaked havoc across the US on Friday by shutting down major websites could have relied on household items to take down servers.

Severe consequences: In cases where the images have been seen by others beyond the intended person, the consequences can be quite severe in terms of possible criminal prosecution, trouble with school authorities or serious social and psychological consequences including increased bullying, social isolation, shaming and severe anxiety, fear and depression.

In some cases it’s a form of flirting or a way of showing affection for a boyfriend or girlfriend or someone the teen is interested in dating.

Sometimes it’s impulsive behavior, perhaps at a party or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Again, it’s increasingly rare, but there have been cases of teens being charged with producing and distributing child pornography, charges that, in a very small number of cases, have resulted in criminal prosecution and being put on a sex offender list.

The owner of a phone or computer with nude photos of anyone under 18 stored on it could be charged with possession.

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