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Users are able to tell DBabble to send any new articles in specified groups to them directly via Email or as instant messages.Discussions can also be marked as private and allow only certain users to read and/or post to them.DBabble provides chat rooms that can be created by any user who has permission to do so.A chat room can optionally be made private so that only specified users have access to it.All server management needs can be performed from within the DBabble user interface, by any user with administrator privileges.For increased security, this can be restricted to be allowed only from specified IP addresses.All messages are stored on the server, so users can read old messages from anywhere they login from.

DBabble supports SSL server to client encrypted communication using both the web interface and Windows client.Anything typed in these private chats can been seen by the other person as it is being typed to facilitate quick responses.Or you can set it like this page where if a member of our DBabble support team is online when you view this page, then the top right hand corner contains an embedded DBabble private chat with us.Unlike many other instant messaging applications (e.g.MSN, ICQ, or those that use the Jabber protocol) where instant message delivery is unreliable and messages sometimes go missing without the sender knowing due to a momentary network error, or just a poorly designed communication protocol, DBabble message delivery is very reliable.

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Users can send instant messages to groups of users, receive email copies of their instant messages or new discussion group articles, and they can send and receive instant messaging from email addresses and mobile phones (via an external sms email gateway).