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But, I think we need to b-"Orihime started to say."Break up? yes I think with everything going on, I think we all need some time by our self to… I thought that by dating you, I might be able to learn how to express my emotions." Uryū said."Explain…" Orihime asked."I… After my mother died, Ryūken never showed emotions. As he read his book he heard a knock on the door."Come in." Uryū said as he place his bookmarker in his book and place it on the bed. He sees an elderly man has gray hair, a gray mustache and glasses.reflect on what has happened." Orihime explained."… I have seen you giving subtle looks at Ichigo when he isn't looking. I would actually receive lectures from Ryūken for showing emotions." Uryū said. His eyes were deep gray and he had a bit of a beard of his chin.That way I get rid of my Chain and don't need to worry about anyone trying to find me in Soul Society since I'm already there." Masaki proposed."It is possible. I'm fine, sorry about that." Feeling dejected from her train of thought she slumps back down and stares at her small shrine once again. Gloomily, she then looks out beyond her bedroom window and proceeds to stare at the crescent moon floating in the sky. Finally closing her eyes for a few seconds, she opens her mouth and mutters something that became unable to reach the ears of no one as the wind blew viciously against the window. I later call Sado and Uryū and they both gave me little to know information, now then. He is wearing a white uniform, consisting of the order's signature hooded-cloak, a calf-length trench coat commensurate of his rank with dark green fur running down from his left collar to the front of the coat, a green belt with a golden belt buckle, along with white trousers and shoes."Read it Haschwalth." The person on the throne ordered."Yes my lord." Haschwalth said. At some time, former Echt Quincy Masaki Kurosaki and Gemischt Quincy Ishida Uryū will be entering the Dangai." Haschwalth said."I see…

Your mission is to capture former Echt Quincy Masaki Kurosaki and Gemischt Quincy Ishida Uryū." The man sitting on the throne said."How much time do I have to get ready your Highness? However, have your chosen ready when Haschwalth tells you otherwise." The man sitting on the throne said."Yes my lord. " Opie asked."Go my Hunting Captain." The man sitting on the throne said.Orihime walked over to see Uryū standing outside."Hello Uryū." Orihime said."Inoue… Scene Change Uryū was reading a book in his bedroom.can we sit down and talk." Uryū asked nervously."Ok." Orihime said. It has been a few hours since his break up with Orihime.Uryū sat on the couch as Orihime brought out two classes of cold tea."What do you want to talk about? As these dates went on, I started to realized that these dates and our relationship could help me to slowly learn how to express emotions." Uryū explained."I see… Even thought Uryū expected this to happen, he felt hurt." Uryū asked."Uryū you are an amazing boyfriend for these past months… Uryū decided to try and study for his upcoming exams.

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AKA you want to stop your attempt to make Ichigo jealous of us in a relationship." Uryū said as he abject his glasses."What!? Or those times where you would touch Ichigo when you are 'healing' him." Uryū said."Then why did you go along with it? His skin was wrinkled with age and he had pronounced cheekbones.