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- Sebelumnya kamu sudah mendapatkan PIN BB ABG dan Tante, kini Tante Alexa mau berbagi lagi mengenai ID Wechat. Tante Alexa akan berbagi deh untuk kamu sebagai teman curhat dan bisa juga jadi pasangan kamu dalam dunia maya.

So, "She" request you to help "Her" purchase a "淘宝卡". was adding from people nearby when a supposively 21yr old private school taiwan student that I added replied me.

You can tap this option and try it out by scanning our QR Code to add us to your contacts.

People Nearby lets you discover and add users in your area, many of which might even be friends you recognize. Shake takes a more interactive approach to adding contacts. When it comes to adding contacts, We Chat is probably the most interactive out of all of the messaging and calling apps we cover, and includes far more options than simply adding someone from your address book, by ID, or in your area.

then she asked some Chinese dude (presuming to be her OKT) to call me to explain, whereas the rest is just random ranting about me having to follow their rules.

c'mon, we samsters know how the SOP should works right?

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Windows Phone in particular also has a neat Drift Bottle option, which allows you to connect with random users from all over the world by sending out a message in a bottle.

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