Help victim dating abuse

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They’ll help you to decide what action you want to take and the support and help that feels right for you.

ISVAs often support survivors through the criminal justice system, and co-ordinate health and support services.

The only time we will ever share any information without your permission is if we are worried about a child or vulnerable person’s safety.

We may be worried that if you tell us about an adult who abused you as a child, they may be in a position where they have abused, or are still abusing, another person.

Some find that with the support of their family and friends they are able to move on from their childhood abuse.

They’ll help you decide on the range of support and help that might benefit you. This means that we will not share any information with your family, the police or anyone else without your permission.

These may include alcohol or substance abuse, criminal activity or avoiding medical help.

These are common responses to childhood abuse, and support services will understand this and help you develop more positive coping strategies.

You may find it more difficult to go to your local GP, hospital or dentist to get help for general medical issues or a check-up because of not wanting to be touched or asked questions.

Some people find it very difficult to deal with the intimate aspects of childhood abuse, especially when they have to talk to other people about what happened.

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Often, people abuse others because they want power and control over them.

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