Heightism in dating jeu minami hamazaki dating sim

Posted by / 19-Oct-2020 15:07

You’re walking down the street and notice you’re getting a couple glances, maybe even a stare or two.

No, you aren’t wearing a shirt with a questionably offensive phrase on it.

There’s just something obviously sexy about a manly man being able to protect his woman! If you’re a lengthy girl looking for an even lengthier guy, this is by no means me saying lower your height requirements.

Now, let’s swap the genders Do you think a man wants a woman to be taller and bigger, stronger and protective over him? As long as you know it’s gonna be slim pickings and you’re alright with that, so are we.

In one instance, a student literally slapped him out of his chair.

Twelve year old Joel Morales of East Harlem, New York City committed suicide by hanging himself in his bathroom after being bullied because of his small stature.

While Heightism isn't gender specific, if women are the target, be it short or tall, they are fiercely defended.

In a poll conducted by author Malcolm Gladwell, he found that of roughly half the Fortune 500 companies 58% of the CEOs were 6 feet and up, and nearly 30% of the CEOs were 6’2’’ or taller.

But this isn’t about heightism in business, so let’s get back to the dating field.

No, there isn’t a bird’s nest on your head, either; you’re having one of the best hair days of your life.

In your mind you’re taking a walk with your boyfriend, but in the minds of passers by you are walking next to the shortest man in the world.

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The same does not apply to women, short women are referred to as petite and cute and any attempt to height shame them is quickly criticized, especially in a professional environment.