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'Reclining' was the favourite position of John, Jesus' disciple (John ), the one who gave us the prophetic book: Revelation.wdh is used elsewhere in Scripture to describe friends conversing (Jeremiah ; ), judges, heavenly powers and prophets consulting with God (Jeremiah ,22), counsel and friendly conversation (Psalm ), secret knowledge (Psalm ; Proverbs 25:9).Job describes God's presence with him as a lamp and a light, a place where oil and butter/cream flowed, but most specifically used the word wdh to describe the intimate friendship of God visiting his tent.

when God was secretly in my tabernacle" (Latin Vulgate)"...wdh describes a face to face encounter between God and the prophet, a sitting down together, if you like, as a circle of friends.wdh derives from a root verb yadh (Strong's #3245) which means 'a setting down, to found or establish' and 'to support oneself whilst leaning or reclining'.The idea of secrets is not so much that of heavenly knowledge to which only the elite have access but more with respect to counsel and confidential plans which God opens up to His friend the prophet.The best way of imagining it is to think of the prophet and God sitting down together on adjacent cushions in a nomad's tent in the desert to discuss matters, in intimacy, not needing to shout.

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When the friendship of God was upon my tent" (ASV)"... when God remained cordially in my tent" (Umbreit)"...

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