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Hamilton pocket watch dating

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Marked “Ball’s Standard, Superior Grade, Cleveland, O.” on Barrel Bridge. Type 2: Marked “Official RR Standard, Adjusted A” on Barrel Bridge. Different Motor Barrel Used Above Serial Number 503,501. Note 11: Movements 535401 – 535500 furnished in gilt trim. Note 13: Serials B608101 to B609000 assigned, but not produced.

999F Full Plate, Nickel, 16-17 Jewel, Single Roller, Ball Regulator. Type 1: 16 Jewel Movement Marked “Railroad Watch Co.” Single Roller, Not Adjusted. Intended for railroad personnel not subject to inspection requirements. Replaced 999B and corresponds to Revised Grade 936 with Regard to Manufacture. Marked “Official RR Standard” or With Brotherhood Markings. 999K Full Plate, 23 Jewels, Nickel, Adjusted, Motor Barrel, Double Roller, with Ball Regulator and (1908 Patent) Hairspring Stud.

Circular Damascening, Marked “Official RR Standard” Adjusted 5 Positions, Double Roller, Motor Barrel. 16 Size (Note: All 16 Size Movements Ball Escapements.

Grade number “999” was inspired by New York Central and Hudson River Railroad locomotive 999, a 4-4-0 type having 86” drive wheels that achieved a speed record of 112.5 miles per hour on May 10, 1893. Grade designations were used by the Hamilton factory to distinguish between grades (i.e. The 999 trademark was widely used by Ball for advertising and sales purposes. Special “Brakewheel” Damascening Pattern (Five Curved Spokes from Center to Outer Double Ring) 999D Exclusive designation for Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Steif & Co., Nashville TN Lynn & Leedy, Washbash IN W. Foster Note 8: Movements having railroad brotherhood identification on dial and movement.

It was not until 1904 that it appeared on a watch movement. Full Plate, Nickel, 17 Jewels, Adjusted, Double Roller, Ball Regulator, Hamilton Hairspring Stud. (Wavy Sun-burst Pattern within Outer Four Rings Circular). Brotherhood markings include: BLE: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers BLF: Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen ORC: Order of Railroad Conductors BRT: Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen BLF&E: Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen ORT: Order of Railroad Telegraphers Note 9: In some instances, brotherhood movements will be round mixed with regular Official Standard movements.

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In addition to the information presented here, a number of early 16 size movements were also produced with Webb C. Examples have been seen in a number of grades including 962, 972/973, 974/975 and 976/977. Ball, Cleveland, O.) 938 Full Plate, Open Face, Nickel, 17 Jewels, Double Roller, Adjusted Five Positions, Hamilton Regulator, Ball Circular Damascening. Marked “Official RR Standard” with or without Private Label Markings. 999A Designation for all 18 size, 21 jewel Ball movements. 999E Full Plate, Nickel, 17 Jewels, Single Roller, Ball Regulator, Circular Damascening Pattern. In earlier movement runs, brotherhood markings may be found without serial numbers under the barrel bridge.