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It seems weaker and is not as pleasing to me, I just don’t like it : ) Don’t know why I didn’t do it this way the first time I got the idea, but at least I thought of it now.

Ch3 works fine for smaller projects, but ch2 would be better for larger items.I have made some tweaks to how I do them since I first posted this and thought it deserved a new post.I include another version for doing them with 3dc, ch1.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Well, I think it is better : ) As I said before, in my other Granny Rectangle post (I think this one is better), I have always been unsatisfied with how the center of granny rectangles line up in the middle, instead of alternating like it does in the rest of the fabric.

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Updated 2/25/16: Here is a diagram with another round of crochet added.