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I decided to appear for civil services when I was in college.

I even wanted to pursue history as my higher education subject, but I opted for medical stream because History was not considered “worthy of a well paying career”.

During preparation it was Siddharth , Chetan kaushik and Khushboo Khan who helped a lot. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, RSS-feeds.

Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload.

For the 3 attempt in 2013 I prepared to the best of my ability and yet fell short of cutoff, I had 100 plus score in GS paper 1 but aptitude paper I had a miserable 126. I always knew that it was only a matter of clearing prelims .

If you’re a working professional, share some tips on how to manage studies with job One has to make changes, you can not compromise on the work quality, I used to wake up early in the morning , took out atleast 3 hours before office, utilized the commute time for studying, my workplace was 60km from my home and I had ample of time on the way. I availed of Earned Leave and Extraordinary Leave before mains, being in the govt sector helped. Any observation / comments / tips about GS prelim 2014 paper? Moreover there were quite a few factual questions too. in GS-Prelims 2014, there was unusual questions from environment and agriculture portion.

If any specific inspirational incident(s), please share. The broader preparation for social issues and other parts of GS covers essay preparation too, that is what I relied on. Me : mentioned the places I have been to/ Member 2: what is Stonehenge? Me: the mere exixtence of terms like gender equality and feminism indicate that there is something utterly wrong with our society, because in the absence of any discrimination, such terms would not have existed. Women are locically and scientifically , not as strong as males , physically.I am told I could have scored better had I done answer writing practice, but somehow i have never been able to do it in any of the exams. What’s your optional subject and why did you chose it and not something else? My marks don’t reflect the respect and love I have for this subject. If a new player wants to pick this subject, would you advice for it or against it? every senior player in Public Administration seems to be advising against I will advise to go for history only if one likes the subject. Whatever comments you’ve for a particular book e.g. Social service can be done from private sector too. I am already in govt health sector serving the people, but I face many hurdles which can be solved by policy changes and removing administrative reforms from higher up in the administrative hierarchy, in my present position I can bring limited changes, but in the prestigious cicil services I will be able to both encourage these limited changes as well as enlarge the scope of such changes. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. of lately some khaps have issued pro women statements and started “beti bacahao” kind of projects which is good, but their overall nature and character still remains the same.It tends to “box me in” restricts my thought process to the preformed points only. People know what books and syllabus points are to be prepared. “my seniors said read xyz book but I found that ABC book was better”. Modern: Bipan Chandra both struggle for independence and India since independence, India after Gandhi, balyan notes World history: Balyan notes Q. – for college grad, hobbies, place of origin, current affairs at national and international level? Did you attend any mock interviews by coaching classes? 36 mins, was the last candidate in evening session Q3. [Since I don’t know whether they ask you this question or not. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. They are more attempts at improving their image rather than social change.I sat down one day pragmatically analysed the exam and my performance, found out what went wrong and started working on it. Those were the times when we had optional in prelims also and had to prepare two optional. Member 4: asked me about an international camp at bal bhavan Delhi that I attended what was my take away from this camp? Me thank you…as I stand up to leave, member 2; wait , can I ask you a few more questions? Thanks to Chetan amd Khushboo Khan for being the partners in preparation and for keeping me sane. You are well aware of the sacred rule – the last question must be about self-marketing. I studied sociology and history, but was not consistent enough. Why are we unable to reduce marginalization of certain sections of the society. Second question , mentioned failures of education system, reservation benefits confined to particular creamy layer of the SC and ST. For all the friends who believed in my abilities, Vinod Yadav, Manvinder Singh Lather, Gaurav Bishnoi, Ashish Gupta, Sankalp Singh Bisht, Preety Atreja Pahwa, Kanika Kapoor and many more I might not have named.

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Job exam conducted by the Haryana Public Services and joined in 2011.

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