Furry fandom dating

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Furry fandom dating

Men’s-righters suggest that we should be gender-blind, which is the sort of bone-headed idealization of the real world that might inform a high-concept Star Trek episode.

But such non-action is simply respectful and fair, and will save you from being labelled as a creep.Women can find themselves in a similar situation, with the added pressure of the male-dominated gender imbalance.A single approach, no matter how friendly and well-meaning, can be sufficiently difficult such that it undermines all the good things about being around friends and furries at a gathering.I suggesting, by the way, that you treat men differently from women.You can reasonably initiate social contact with (most) men. It’s not a double standard, because there is a difference in the experiences of men and women.

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It’s a similar situation to how you should treat a celebrity, perhaps at a furry convention.

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