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Funny dating facts

Ansari partnered up with Eric Klinenberg, a professor of sociology at New York University, to design and conduct "a massive research project, one that would require more than a year of investigation in cities across the world and involve some of the leading experts on love and romance." After conducting interviews and focus groups with hundreds of people in seven cities, Ansari and Klinenberg have written a very smart, wide-ranging, and, maybe most importantly, hilarious book on the current state of dating and love.

Modern Romance includes almost everything you need to navigate the weird world of online dating, from tips on how to send the perfect first text message to lots of graphs and charts from real social science studies to help you understand what, exactly, you're dealing with when you try to find a soulmate online.

Online dating was the single biggest way people met their spouses.

Bigger than work, friends, and school combined."Nearly 70 percent of LGBT couples meet online these days, and there's a pretty compelling reason why.

(Compare this to the responses from people over thirty.

52 percent of that group would call, and only 8 percent would text.) Since so much of our life is lived staring at a screen, it makes sense that texts would be more common than phone calls these days."According to a 2014 survey of 2,712 eighteen-to thirty-year-olds who'd had a relationship end during the previous year, 56 percent said they had broken up using digital media," which means a minority of people broke up with their partner face-to-face.

"The smaller the pool of potential romantic partners, the lower the odds of finding romance face-to-face, whether through friends, in schools, or in public places.

A 2013 study done by found that 23 percent of people under the age of 30 would call someone to ask them out, and 32 percent would send a text message.Men are more focused on beauty and attractiveness while women are focused on financial sustainability mostly.Such tendency can be explained by the evolution: men seek for reproductive compatibility while women search for safety and protection.Today the average age of first marriage is about twenty-seven for women and twenty-nine for men, and it's around thirty for both men and women in big cities like New York and Philadelphia.""In 2014 the average American spent 444 minutes per day — nearly 7.5 hours — in front of a screen, be it a smartphone, tablet, television, or personal computer." And according to Ansari, "we're spending so much time with our digital devices because we've all developed our own personal 'phone worlds'" and accompanying phone selves who live in this private space.In a somewhat shocking statistic, it's still pretty uncommon for a woman to ask a dude out on a date.

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Hands down, Match is the most popular, as well as the most established, dating site, having grown to 23.5 million users and counting since their 1995 launch.

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