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By about one-quarter of the way through the course, as with another course in the initial COLL100 class, I just wanted the course over with.

These 'professors' really rely on CUT & PASTE for their critiques and responses to students A LOT! Out of five instructors this year, three were horrid..just bad, but horrid. There seems to be no in-between, they are either really good or horrid, and the bad outweigh the good thus far.

I hope this changes or I will reevaluate and change schools. You will not have the convenience of an official class start time, no tardiness showing up to class, no attendance requirements.

The professors set the tone for these online classes, and if they have a cold, removed, haughty presence online with their comments which turn students off immediately. You can transfer APUS credits to most regionally accredited universities (i.e. You are held accountable for yourself and for turning in quality work on time.

Fortunately, the APU staff responded to requests from the students and the professor was quickly changed.

I gained very little from instructor responses and relied on the reading material and writing papers to learn the material.

At times her lack of effort or caring about doing a decent job caused her to post BLATANTLY insulting comments.

On another note, APUS/AMU sold/provided my telephone number to various 'lower your student loan debt' companies and I get harrassed DAILY by automated calls telling me 'this is the last attempt to reach you (when actually it is the 78th attempt) to lower your student loan debt' and get this, I DO NOT HAVE STUDENT LOAN DEBT!! They take too long to get back to your emails and the financial department is a constant cause of stress as no submission or documents ever met their needs on the first go-round and my payment plan always seem to get forgotten about when it comes time to register for new classes, which requires yet another call to the school, holding on line forever while I am trying to keep my day job, and FINALLY getting them to acknowledge they messed up and correct it. So, to wrap up: the financial department's constant requirements (stress) that are very vague and confusing the inability to reach your advisors or teachers outside of their 2-3 day response timeframes (stress) the horrid instructors outweighing the good ones making classes a nightmare for entire semesters (stress) = APUS/AMU a very anxiety-ridden school to deal with. Sure, you may not be sitting down in a class room but have you heard of Adobe Connect? Professors have wide range of experience and credentials. The majority of instructors give the MINIMUM amount of time required for them to receive payment for being a "professor." I had a different instructor for each class in my 36 unit program, and only two gave valuable feedback.

At the time I was working at an airport in security (not TSA) and had to correct the professor on several occasions.

Imparting the nuances and insights gained from ACTUAL experience is EXPECTED from QUALITY instructors.

BA History (18) BA in Management (35) BS Computer Science - Web Development (2) Political Science (4) Middle Eastern Studies (3) BS - Environmental Studies (20) Information Technology (16) Bachelor of Arts (12) Bachelor of Health Management (9) Masters Programs: Military Studies: Land Warfare (7) Master of Arts in Political Science (8) Masters of Business Administration (22) Masters of Arts History (41) Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (8) International Relations and Conflict Resolution (8) Humanities (8) MA: Transportation and Logistics Management (5) To link to this page: The professors are horrid.

I am now keeping a diary of every professor, my own rating system and way to keep notes on the how the professor taught so I know when signing up for future classes to purposely NEVER CHOOSE THESE PROFESSORS AGAIN for another related class!

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