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For example, you and your child might agree that your child can send only text messages but can’t share any photos, or that she needs to check with you before she shares a photo.

Your child could ask himself: Having clear and consistent family rules about technology use is a good step towards helping your child to make good choices.It’s good to get your child’s perspective on sharing images, so ask your child what pictures he thinks are OK to share.You could ask whether he’d be happy for you, his teacher or his grandparents to see those pictures.Tell your child that he can speak to you any time if he gets an image that bothers him, or if he’s worried about an image he’s sent. You could talk with your child about what images you think are appropriate for her to share.For example, you might say, ‘I think it’s OK for you to share photos of our dog, or pictures of the cakes you made, but I don’t want you to share any pictures of yourself’.

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You might also feel uncertain about when to start talking with your child about sexting.