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The term "gitano" has also acquired among many a negative socio-economic connotation referring to the lowest strata of society, sometimes linking it to crime and marginality and even being used as a term of abuse.

In this, one can be Gitano "by degree" according to how much one fits into pre-conceived stereotypes or social stigmas.

"Egiptano" was the regular adjectival form for someone from Egypt, however, in Middle and Modern Spanish the irregular adjectival form "egipcio" supplanted "egiptano" to mean Egyptian, while "gitano" went on to refer specifically to Romanis in Spain.

The etymological meaning of the term "gitano", therefore, was originally "Egyptian".

Data on ethnicity is not collected in Spain, although the Government's statistical agency CIS estimated in 2007 that the number of Gitanos present in Spain is probably around one million.

("Egyptian"), the Old Spanish demonym for someone from "Egipto" (Egypt).

Nevertheless, to varying degrees, they identify with Andalusian culture and music due to the large and culturally significant gitano population present in that region.

According to a genetic study in 2012, the ancestors of present scheduled tribes and scheduled caste populations of northern India, traditionally referred to collectively as the "Ḍoma", are the likely ancestral populations of modern "Roma" in Europe.

How and when the gypsies arrived in the Iberian Peninsula from Northern India is a question whose consensus is far from being reached.

Historical records show that Spanish Gitanos arrived in Spain at the 15th-century through Europe concentrating in Andalusia and adopting the region's unique hybrid culture as their own, highlithing the Flamenco music whose origins dates to late-18th-century.

At first they were well received and were even accorded official protection by many local authorities.

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The fact that the largest population of gitanos is concentrated in Southern Spain has even led to a confusion between gitano accents and those typical of Southern Spain even though many Kale populations in the northern half of Spain (such as Galicia) do not speak Andalusian Spanish.

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