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There’s also a third category of providers who specialize in placing high-risk businesses.

While it would be nice if credit card processors treated all businesses equally, the fact is that they don’t.

While some business types, such as pornography or drug paraphernalia will almost always be placed in the high-risk group, others may or may not be, depending on your processor.

Some merchant services providers have very strict guidelines for determining high-risk status, while others use more relaxed criteria.

Many processors will simply refuse to approve you for a merchant account, while others will charge you significantly higher rates and fees than you would otherwise have to pay.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of merchant services providers that deliberately market to high-risk businesses that are struggling to get approved for a merchant account, only to rip them off with outrageously high fees and rates, as well as draconian contract terms.

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Either you’re high-risk, or you’re not – there is no middle ground.

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