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Catherine fell over onto her side pulling me on top of her as she moved to get comfortable, I positioned myself between her legs and stared intently at her pussy as she pulled her lips apart and moved her hips up towards me.

She flung her arm around my back and pulled me down begging me to fuck her hard.

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A minute or so later I heard the bathroom door close as Catherine used the toilet before jumping onto the bed beside me. "I've never seen Auntie so drunk"I laughed as quietly as I could and told her I hoped she got drunk every night if thats what she did. I told her it was fantastic and that I wanted more, I went on to explain how it felt to have my cock burried deep inside a pussy, I told Catherine how wet Aunties pussy was and how easy she slid over me, how hot she was inside and how her pussy gripped and pulled at my cock as she moved up and down.

I could see Catherine flush slightly and noticed her nipples harden under her T-shirt, I took this signal to mean that she was getting excited hearing me recall what it felt like.

I asked if she liked watching what had happened and was delighted when she said she had cum as she guided my cock into Aunties pussy, she said that my cock was rock hard and pulsing as she put her hands around my shaft and explained how her fingers had touched Aunties very wet fanny as she pushed the top of my cock into her.

I felt her move her leg astride me so her pussy was just above my pulsing cock, with her free hand she grasped my cock and rubbed it against her pussy, I knew and felt how wet she was down there and pushed my hips up to butt my cock into her lips.I could see her playing with her nipples and soon felt her other hand ontop of mine pushing it hard against her mound.She lent over and asked in a whisper if I would let her do what Auntie had done to me, I gasped a hasty yes and started tugging her panties down past her knees.I felt her vagina lips part as the top of my cock started to stretch her pussy apart.Catherines pussy felt much smoother and tighter than Auntie but just as wet.

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