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Free canzap webcam

The reason I am thrilled by the potential truth that Earth’s dark halo is home to another entire world of consciousness and therefore to life itself, is that here is the full realization of Science and Spirit not contradicting each other but instead coming together to form a larger truth which offers a vastly greater perception of reality itself!

Science and Spirit have been in a supposed war since humankind began on Planet Earth.

Spirituality has taught that individual humans can have unseen life-long companions, perhaps guardians from a place which is invisible to us except through our mind/spirit abilities, such as sending and receiving thoughts and sensing a “presence.” Before the science-oriented readers stop reading this article at this spot, I’ll just say that I strive to stay true to theoretical quantum physics and theories about dark matter.

The phenomenon which keeps happening as I write this is that Science and Spirit can’t help but be the combined “voice.”Suffice to say that the dark plasma halo is not only all around Earth, but through Earth, and through us.

A substantial amount of dark matter is composed of (dark) plasma and radiates dark light.

Because dark photons (dark light) are emitted from dark plasma, it gives rise to dark electromagnetism.

If confused, perhaps if you read that article, it will hopefully help with this one.

In fact, this is an imaginary war propagated by both silly scientists and silly religionists.

When humankind can truly perceive that Science and Spirit together form Truth and therefore, Reality itself – then humankind will have evolved a step forward!

Perhaps the invisible beings who offer spiritual friendship and occasionally help individual humans, might actually exist in quantum and spiritual terms.

Metaphysics, spirituality and even religion have experienced this “contact from beyond” for centuries but it has not been the domain of science – definitely not science!

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This domain is of sparser density than our Earth and interacts with gravity differently.

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