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Sweetie wins and surprises Flav with her refusal to kiss him, saying it would take about three more weeks.

The five contestants that go to meet Flav's "new friends" are taken to a park where they are challenged to organize and execute a birthday party for young children.

New York tells her she looks more like Luther Vandross.

New York's exact words from the unrated DVD to Beyoncé was " Beyonce, I'm sorry that an ugly ass bitch like this would even say that." Serious showed her breasts to Hottie and says that if Hottie's "double D's" don't look like hers, it shouldn't matter. Hottie tells Pumkin, "you need to learn how to read." Pumkin comes back at Hottie with, "I can read you, fat fucking bitch that's all I need to read." New York tells Hottie if something in the house goes missing that she would always come to Hottie, because Hottie has a history of stealing, and due to a few comments Hottie made about being so competitive that she would "cut clothes, steal things, etc." Neither New York nor Hottie is happy when Flav gives them both clocks.

At the resort, contestants prepare themselves and their hot tub with candles and drinks to keep Flav entertained.Several of the girls blow their entire stake in one roll.New York won the most money for Flav by winning 5, and earned herself a one-on-one date with him that night." In the end, Flav picks Smiley, New York, and Miss Latin for a private roller skating date, where Smiley reveals she was previously married.(It was revealed in the reunion show that she was only divorced one week before the taping of the show.) Later at the house, Pumkin confronts New York about her unfriendliness towards some of the other contestants in the house, resulting in the two of them fighting and exchanging insults, but Red Oyster, Hottie, and Rain try to break up the ruckus.

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New York accuses Hottie of stealing her jacket because she had made statements that she was so competitive that she might cut up someone's clothes to win.

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