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But, if or during that approval process Google finds something that needs to be changed, the entire approval procedure takes place again, even if the adjustments required are extremely minimal.It can therefore cause a few delays, and is also the reason why the expected date of the latest Android update for your phone is difficult to predict. When the final software is approved, it can be put to use.The second option is FOTA, which stands for “Firmware Over The Air.” Here you download the update from your wireless network and then install them on your phone.A user can update the FOTA themselves, but it is also offered by means of a push message to your phone.The entire process of development, testing and quality control is first completed by Samsung, but it happens – for example – at T-Mobile, Vodafone or any other network provider as well.Step 5: The update process There are several options to install the new software on your device.

The chances of errors through Samsung Kies or Smart Switch is the smallest, so we recommend that you update using these programs, if possible.

Samsung constantly monitors (online) customer feedback, and it can mean that we deviate from the rule that newer devices must get software updates before older devices.

Samsung depends on carriers and network operators from your country as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone can download the software at the same time; this is to prevent the update servers from becoming overloaded, and the update is therefore offered in phases.

Now, for example, if the Galaxy Note 3 has more problems with the software it is currently running (meaning the version before the new update), the device gets the next update faster than the Galaxy Note 4, which is a more recent device.

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The aim is to make updates available as quickly as possible, but in the past, updates sometimes got delayed or even got cancelled for some devices, despite Samsung promising to release it for those devices.

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