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Fired event rowupdating which

like onrowupdating event after performing all operation i call display method at the end.

Ok the reason why you aren't losing data is because you are only doing your Data Bind in your Page Load event the first time the page is loaded (if ! This way your data is not getting over written when the user-provided-edit-data is posted back to the server.

I've never actually used the Sql Data Source before. So, you need to populate the object that you are going to use as your data source at some point in your page life cycle.

I like to be in more control of my database connections. You could do this in your Page Load event if you want to.

That is why I recommended that you do this in your Page Pre Render event.

@Frinavale Now I get the answer your mean is that when we bind the data at page load event.

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