Fico interface inconsistent fico document header data for updating

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As per Note 410799, the Structure CI_BSIK was created to include the additional fields. *…amount fields………………………………………………* CASE i_zfiap4-shkzg. The structure gets automatically included in the main structure DTFIAP_3. *…Due Date Calculations IF ( i_zfiap4-zfbdt IS INITIAL ). *…Details from BKPF: Accounting Document Header SELECT SINGLE usnam INTO i_zfiap4-ppnam FROM vbkpf WHERE bukrs = i_zfiap4-bukrs AND belnr = i_zfiap4-belnr AND gjahr = i_zfiap4-gjahr. MOVE: ls_faede-netdt TO i_zfiap4-netdt, ls_faede-sk1dt TO i_zfiap4-sk1dt, ls_faede-sk2dt TO i_zfiap4-sk2dt. CALL FUNCTION ‘DETERMINE_DUE_DATE’ EXPORTING i_faede = ls_faede IMPORTING e_faede = ls_faede EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. SAP FI stands for Financial Accounting and it is one of important modules of SAP ERP.

The asset accounting module of Finance Accounting works closely with other modules like SAP MM, SAP Plant Management, EWM, etc.

The function group ZBWFI4 [BW FI: Functions to fill FI_XX_4 CI flds] was created and used. DATA: i_zfiap4 TYPE TABLE OF zoxdae0290 WITH HEADER LINE.

For Parked documents extraction from SAP, we have created the Data Source ZFI_AP_4 to extract the data from ECC. To accommodate the additional fields an Append Structure ZAZOXDAE0290 was created for the Extract Structure ZOXDAE0290 from the interface of RSA6. “Customer Sales Figures via Delta Extraction FIELD-SYMBOLS: .

Here our requirement is to Post New Invoice Document (with new document type- to get different number range) with all the other information (Vendor / GL / PO amount etc) from an existing parked invoice document.

Park Document includes both categories of invoice document (PO invoice and Non-PO invoice).

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SAP FI module mainly deals with the following financial components − SAP FI consultants are mainly responsible for implementing Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting with SAP ERP Financials.

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