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" Another variation is an episode where Mel Gibson says, "Hi, everybody! Nick during Homer's flashback to the first Christmas. Glick Itchy & Scratchy • Kent Brockman • Krusty the Clown • Troy Mc Clure • Sideshow Mel • Rainier Wolfcastle | Arnie Pye • Radioactive Man • Duffman • Bumblebee Man • Bill and Marty • Drederick Tatum • Mr.

Teeny • Scott Christian • Booberella • Gabbo • Lurleen Lumpkin • Celebrities Superintendant Chalmers • Seymour Skinner • Edna Krabappel • Elizabeth Hoover • Groundskeeper Willie • Otto Mann • Lunchlady Doris • Dewey Largo • Dr.

Wij hebben daarom wel getracht hieruit de betrouwbaarste informatie voor u te filteren en op de site te publiceren. Het blijkt dat de site aanslaat en U de informatie vindt die U zoekt. Ook de op 14 februari 2004 geopende Jawa/CZ boekenmarkt mag zich verheugen in een goede belangstelling. Though seemingly killed in the Simpsons Movie by a giant shard of glass, he appears in several episodes after that and it was eventually confirmed by Al Jean that he had not died like many first thought.Riviera is of Hispanic descent, and in the European Spanish dub he is specifically given an Argentinian accent.He frequently appears on infomercials, pitching all sorts of bizarre medical offers, and has often turned his operations into TV spectacles. He can also be called at 1-600-DOCTORB ("The B is for 'Bargain'").He is also shown as an inventor/huckster (in the style of Ron Popeil) on the television show I Can't Believe They Invented It! He has operated on the Simpson family a couple of times (when they cannot afford Doctor Hibbert) notably when Homer needed a heart bypass.

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In Homer's Triple Bypass, he watches a video on how to perform open-heart surgery and is disgusted by all the blood, implying that he may be haemophobic.

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