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World War 2 and the subsequent occupation were devastating on humans, but the destruction and the closure of large areas for military use actually increased Estonia's forest coverage from about 25% before the war to more than 50% by 1991.

After all, the Baltics are not renowned for warm weather - something that any visitor to Estonia must be aware of — the summer is short and the winter is severe.

However, to bring out the unique characteristics of Estonia, we use 4 distinctive regions in this guide.

As the country is small, most destinations can be reached within a couple of hours from Tallinn.

After 7 centuries of German, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Russian rule, Estonia attained independence in 1918.

Forcefully annexed into the USSR in 1940, it re-gained independence in 1991 through its Singing Revolution [15], a non-violent revolution that overthrew an initially violent occupation.

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Nonetheless, there are many small and beautiful beach villages on the coastline as well (such as Kaberneeme, Laulasmaa, Nõva, Käsmu and Võsu).

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