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There are tea-houses and coffee places too, where patrons may sit inside or on small tables outside, sipping kava and thoughtfully pulling on a shisha.On the flight over to Damascus with my family, I read an intriguing article in the in-flight magazine about one such tea-house in the old walled city, which featured daily in the evenings, the last living storyteller in Syria. Perched on a carved wooden chair on a small stage set in the middle of the back wall inside the Al Nawfara Cafe, Rashid Al Halak Abo Shadi, the last living storyteller in Syria was in full flow when we reached there a little late.And so from this sad historic fact the city of Damascus, considered to be the oldest continually habited city in the world, got its name.

Hope the backlash two years ago i was olsen united trying.If you have even a basic knowledge of early Islamic history, you cannot but feel greatly moved when performing all these ziarats, because you feel as if you have gone back in time some fourteen hundred years and history is being written in front of you. A portion of the city is still walled, with the crumbling-in-parts wall being several hundred years old.Inside the wall is a maze of undulating cobbled streets, lined with ancient stone houses, picturesque and packed wall to wall.It is a peaceful city, with gentle and friendly people inhabiting it.It is also one of the safest cities in the world, where anyone, including single women and children can roam around alone at literally any hour of the day or night without a hint of harassment, of any sort.

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Eventually the Creator sent down 2 crows to Earth where Qabil was and before his eyes one crow killed the other, then dug a grave and buried the killed one under a pile of stones.