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Watch our video below to see how, and read the full tutorial here.

There's a lot that gets done behind the curtain of the friendly install wizard; should something occur during the installation, such as a drive starting to fail or a power outage, your Mac may fail to restart or be compromised in some way.But it's easy enough to divine what the requirements will be since Yosemite doesn't require any new or specialized hardware that could limit it to only certain Mac models.In fact, it appears that Apple intends Yosemite to work with as many Mac models as OS X Mavericks does.If your Mac is compatible, you can open the Mac App Store and look for the mac OS Sierra banner or link on the right sidebar, then click and follow the prompts to update.You can access the Mac App Store by clicking the Apple () icon in the top left corner of your display, then click Mac App Store to launch it.

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The download is in excess of 5 GB, so it will take a bit of time.

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