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First and foremost, He's not really looking for a relationship right now.Secondly, he didn't expect it to be that pleasurable.I really hope you can help me with this predicament.About a month and a half ago, I met this guy at a bar, the day after I had just ended a very short and confusing juvenile relationship.One word that comes to mind is “pristine”, it’s like finding someone who seems out of the mould.When a man knows that his girl is a virgin, he deducts that she has not had a serious relationship with another man before. Moreover virginity also implies that she is a lot more restrained in the pursuit of sex.A man would feel comforted knowing that she will not be comparing him with other men while having sex with him.

I needed to take things slow because of where I was in life—just out of a relationship and just having graduated college.It was after this conversation that he seemed to change.He started calling me almost every day, and on our fifth date, he told me that I had “most of the qualities he looks for in a woman.” He wanted to define the relationship, which I was not ready for at this point.The issue of sex also came up, and I was straightforward, truthful, and tactful and told him that I made a personal choice to not have sex outside of marriage and that I was a virgin.He said that was great and he really respects that.

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On our sixth date, he tells me and I quote “I don’t want to scare you away but…you sort of…complete me” Later, my friend, who had double-dated with us, tells me that he told her that he would consider converting for me if things “got that deep” but would want our children to know about his religious background.

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