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\Vheu a division of this kind is adoptiid, there is also a Branch in which the divisions are still treated together as one whole, viz., Arthropoda, 2U)o-2\:n . ;'031, and there is also a comprehensive Hranch nund)i-red (»00(»-O231.

Some of these divisions (IMiyla, or Classes) are consetjuently tn'ated together, while others are divided into nmie than one Hranch.

Jiiitomostraca (= (Jirripedia, Ostracoda, Copepoda Phyllopoda). [Malacostraca (= Thoracostraca 4- Arthrostraca).] Thoracostraca (or Podoplilhalnia) includes Decapoda, Schizopoda, Stomatopoda, Cuinacea.

Arthrostraca (or Edriophthalma) {= Amphipoda, Isopoda, Anisopoda).

In the case of works published apart, the place of publication and the number of pages and plates must be given. [For .luti-ilivisions, see 0211.] 011."» I'UOTOZOA.

[Works dealing- with one or more of the following subjects, and relating to more than one Branch of the Animal Kingdom.] General; Haliits; Migration; Ilibeniation ; Parental Re- lations: Sexual Relations ; Oviposition; Voice; Sound Production : (see also Q 4145.) Luminosity ; {see also Q 02»)0.) Cavernicolous Animnls ; Pelagic and Deep- sea Animals ; Instinct ; Social Relations ; Psychology; Gregariousness ; Symbio^^is; (see alsoli Obo O; Q0285; R2250.) Parasitism; Protection; Colour and Habits; Defensive Processes; Resemblances (including Alimicry and Protective Resemblance) ; Ornament; Utility. Merisiic variations ; numerical [meristic proper] ; homoeotic. Bionomic varia- tion ; of fertility : of time of appearance ; of maturity; of development ; of habits. In this department the slip must commence with the number of the Branch and Subject, and this must be followed by the name of the animal the slip relates to, then a statement in one or two words as to the way in which the animal is treated (" Anatomy," or " description " or " ," etc.), then comes the author's name, then the reference. :inannic Ontogeny Metamorphosis; Altornation of (Tt'ueralions ; Cycles of Generations ; Clian-^es during- Life. refer to L, '• General Biology, Cytolojry." 0219 Ethology. [Works dealing with one or more of the following subjects and relating to more than one Branch of the Animal Kingdom.] {See also (L) General Biology, and (Q.) Phj'siology.) (jeneral; Substantive variation ; .size, proportions, form, colour, etc. Works relating to the cla.ssifica- tion of only one of the Branches are to be dealt with in that Branch.] 7 N 0403 6031. The systematic-slip is therefore to be a special kind of subject-slip. [In this are to be placed works dealing with the principles of Zoological classification ; works dis- cussing the classification of more than one of the Branches ; works dealing with the relations of the great groups of existing animals ; Phylogenetic classification, i.e., the relations in time of the great groups of animals. The title-slips will bo arranged by the Editor in the alpha- betical oi-der of the author's name. The title-slip should also bear one or more words to indicate the taxonomical position of the animal, or animals, treated of. For furthei- instructions as to the preparation of the slips, see the Instructions for the use of Regional Bureaus.

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(.i EOGRATHY [For sub-divisions, see J, 1 mid 2.] Ofii U Porifera.

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