Denmark dating customs

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Denmark dating customs

Famed Danish writers include Hans Christian Andersen, whose fairy tales have been translated into more languages than any other book except the Bible; the theologian and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, a forerunner of modern existentialism; and Karen Blixen, who penned "Out of Africa" and "Babette's Feast".

Denmark's place in European history essentially began with the Viking Age, around 800 AD, when the Danes became notorious for plundering churches and monasteries.

Universal suffrage was introduced, so that women and servants could also vote.

In the modern era, Danish culture has continued to move ahead.

The series of wars with Sweden resulted in territorial losses, but the Great Northern War (1700-21) brought some restoration of Danish power in the Baltic.

The 18th century was otherwise a period of internal reform, which included the abolition of serfdom and land reforms.

Although since the beginning of the century there had been a desire to introduce referenda, partly by the Social Democrats and partly the Radical Liberals, which were in power during the war, the 1915 Constitution only contained a provision for referenda in relation to constitutional change.

At the end of the First World War, North Schleswig was returned to Denmark after a plebiscite, and the present southern border with Germany was established.

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By 878 the Danes had conquered northern and eastern England, and by the 11th century King Canute (1014-35) ruled over a vast kingdom that included present-day Denmark, England, Norway, southern Sweden, and parts of Finland.

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