Delta goodrem is dating Chating camera free

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Delta goodrem is dating

If you are viewing the content in another country or have an IP address that is not an Australian IP address, you will be unable to access live tv and on demand content. If you continue to get this message, let us know via the contact form.The DNCE singer appears alongside Delta, 33, on the show's judging panel and Joe has admitted he's taken the opportunity to tease his sibling about his ten-month relationship with Delta back in 2012, admitting it's been raised a "few times".Confidential reports he met Delta while they were travelling the country together for her national Wings of The World Tour in October and November.In November, the rocker shared a video of he and Delta making music together, accompanied by the hashtag 'Create'.

According to the publication, Delta and her new beau rang in the New Year together in Hawaii, with a friend stating: 'She's very happy right now'.Confidential claims the pair are vacationing with friends in Hawaii, but Delta will soon return home to start filming the upcoming season of The Voice.She will star alongside Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Joe Jonas as one of the show's celebrity coaches.The clips shows Matthew jamming away on the guitar while Delta warbles along, singing to the tune.The pair certainly looked comfortable, with Matt sitting back, confidently sporting stylish sunglasses.

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  1. You may also remember him as Brad Pitt’s pesky cousin Patroclus in hunk-fest Troy back in 2004. A source told Us Weekly: ‘They’ve been emailing for a while, and she hinted they should get together.

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