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He named it: The fossil was extraordinary because it was found in a rock formation up to 1.2 billion years old and appeared to be the oldest multicellular organism that was a recognizable eukaryote — the group of complex organisms that include plants, animals and fungi — rather than a colony of microbes living together."It is an extremely important fossil and has been quite controversial," said Andrew Roger, a molecular biologist at Dalhousie University who was not involved in the new study.Roger researches the diversification of life more than a billion years ago and the evolutionary rise of complex organisms.Molecular clock estimates of events in early evolution often have extremely large error bars — sometimes spanning hundreds of millions of years — partly because the fossil record from that time is so incomplete, he added.They'll only improve when more very ancient fossils are found.Gibson and his colleagues did that to estimate that the first photosynthetic eukaryote evolved around 1.25 billion years ago.Roger says the new, more precise age for Bangiomorpha measured by Gibson, Halverson and their colleagues is "definitely important — but it doesn't completely solve the problem."He said he still finds it "very concerning" that no other fossils of recognizable complex organisms besides Bangiomorpha older than 800 million years have been found to date.

Perth sprung to stardom back in the 80's when Alan Bond famously won the America's Cup with a historic and stunning victory that put Fremantle on the map. Pristine beaches, gorgeous wineries and a dynamic nightlife.The state of Western Australia occupies more than 30% of the total area of Australia with a total land mass of 2,500,000 sqkm.Western Australia is split into 5 main regions: the Wheat Belt, the Interior, the North West, the South West and the Kimberley.A few years ago, Roger notes that he and some colleagues did their own molecular clock analysis that suggested plants emerged earlier than Gibson and his colleagues calculated."So it looks like there will be more debates about these things in the future! Gibson and Halverson's study was coauthored by researchers from Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., the California Institute of Technology, the University of Alberta, and the Geological Survey of Canada.It was funded by the Agouron Institute, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Polar Continental Shelf Program, the Geological Association of Canada and the Geological Society of America.

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Once back at the lab, the researchers measured the amount of radioactive rhenium-187, a rare radioactive isotope found in seawater that accumulates in organic matter and decays to osmium-187.