Dating websites for intellectuals

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Dating websites for intellectuals

Additionally, they've hijacked terms such as "rational, reason, logic, critical thinking" to mean the "proper" thinking and behavior that supports materialism and orthodoxy, and rejects against anything that challenges it. Hijacking a word to mean its opposite is more indicative of a deliberate agenda, such as a Furthermore, oddly enough, they treat Science as if it were some kind of authoritarian "entity" that takes positions and views on issues (their own of course), when it is in fact merely a tool and method of inquiry based on logical principles.In reality, science does not take positions or hold dogmatic beliefs on paranormal or conspiratorial subjects.

Therefore, the study of the Paranormal is a key stepping stone for humanity's next stage of evolution.And unfortunately, most paranormal/psychic researchers have neither the time nor interest to debate these debunkers. We will debunk their arguments, and reveal their fallacies, misinformation, agenda, denial, inconsistencies, pseudo-dogmas posing as "rules of logic" and double standards, showing that they are not objective truth seekers..Much needed at the time, it quickly became acclaimed in paranormal circles as a comprehensive masterpiece and first-of-its-kind.They are defenders of orthodoxy and materialism.rather than to the questioner himself.In doing so, they've pretended to be the opposite of what they are to hide their true agenda, which is to protect the agenda of the status quo power elite and keep people remaining sheeple. And it seems way too calculated and militant to be due to some accidental misunderstanding, ignorance or closed mindedness.

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