Dating the turin shroud Okc chat rooms

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Dating the turin shroud

"The measurements were done by three really good radiocarbon labs so I've no doubt what they measured is the correct age." The only question relates to whether the sample contained repairs rather than original material, he says.Most of the scientists at the 1988 test have either died or retired.Holes in wrists Mr Wilson believes the type of weave used is more consistent with ancient than medieval times and that the medical evidence is compelling.

But how to explain the photographic negative like print of Jesus's face? The shroud is some kind of negative of the body it's wrapped up.

No scientific explanation exists for the "image" imprinted in the material, at least no one was able to duplicate it despite the multiple theories that try (unsuccessfully I might add) to explain it.

So I think you should present ALL the relevant facts.

The herringbone woven cloth measuring 1.21m by 4.42m (4ftx14ft), is stained with human blood and appears to show the imprint of a crucified man.

The most iconic aspect - the apparent image of Jesus's bearded face - is not easily distinguishable to the naked eye, and was only noticed at the end of the 19th Century in an amateur photograph. Carbon dating experts from universities in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona "proved" that the shroud originated in the 14th Century and thus could not be an imprint of Jesus. Ian Wilson, a historian who has written a number of books on the subject, believes the shroud could indeed be genuine.

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The exact history of Turin shroud, which has gone on display for the first time in 10 years, is hotly disputed. It's perhaps the most controversial religious artefact in the world.

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